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Preparing for Uganda

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It is just a few more days until I leave for Kampala. My departure date (August 18th) is speeding towards me. I will be in Uganda until October 26th and I will be trying to update my blog on a regular basis. Internet connection will be sparse, but I hope that one post a week will be possible. After multiple shots, a collection of pills, a search for bug spray with over 50% deet, and an attempt to gather the various other items I think I’ll need, I am almost ready to get over there and get to work.

What work will I be doing? I have been trying to get an idea of this as well. The resources available to the Hands of Love community and the situations of the people there are only vaguely familiar to me. I have done all the research I can possibly do and asked the questions that I could ask but what I found is that you need to be there to understand the organization’s desperate condition. Since I am having trouble understanding the reality of the situation it is making it difficult for me to set realistic goals.

The very least I will do on this trip is understand the needs of Hands of Love and be able to articulate them when I get back. I hope that by doing this a solution will be found for some of the most pressing problems. Other than this, I have ideas for some specific projects and I have started preparing them this week.

One of the problems brought to my attention was keeping track of the orphans. A record is taken twice daily but there may be turnover, death, and other factors that make keeping tabs on the children difficult. I am working to develop a database, which will help Hands of Love in Uganda, USA, UK, and Germany keep up with each child. Beyond this I have been gathering up video equipment and trying to better understand the financial situation of Hands of Love.

I will be taking as much video as I can while I am there. This will produce a video about Pastor Elijah (the head of Hands of Love) and I’m sure a few other projects will come out of it as well. Also, Pastor Elijah has told me that I will be able to help with some budgeting, cash flow reports, and some other finances. While this is what the organization needs, people in the US are looking for transparency in Hands of Love’s finances. Full transparency will be difficult to achieve with unreliable internet, lack of man power, and seemingly more pressing issues but it is necessary for Hands of Love to grow and expand. I am optimistic even though I’m not sure what I will be able to get done. The team I am going with should help me a great deal.

When I set out to go to Uganda I was going alone. Now I am going with a team of three other people. This should make the trip all the more productive and I think a lot will be done through this small group. I am not sure what God has in mind for molding us and using us and I cannot wait to find out. One thing I am praying about and I ask you to pray about is a recent email I received.

Pastor Elijah sent me an email a couple days ago asking me to give three thirty minute talks at the Youth Ablaze Conference he is holding in the next week. He wants me to talk about financial management to two thousand Ugandan youths. I could not help but laugh, simply out of shock, when I received this email. The last couple days I have been thinking and praying about where to go with my message. I have a starting point, but if any of you have any suggestions don’t be afraid to comment.

This trip will be life changing for me. Thank you for your support and my next post will be given all the way from Kampala.

Me and Pastor Elijah


Written by davidpaparelli

August 16, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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  1. Since our phone connection is apparently lame I have now resorted to leaving a comment here! How sad 😛 Anyway, I hope you have an amazing time and accomplish what you set out to do and more. If anyone can talk to two thousand people about finance (and actually make it interesting) I know it’s you. Please keep us updated on all of your adventures- I’ll miss you!


    August 18, 2010 at 12:22 am

  2. Great post from Hilary – she said it all. I’m praying for you! – Love you!


    August 19, 2010 at 9:50 am

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