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This is the first of many blog posts.  I recently graduated from college as a finance major at University of Miami and this blog is dedicated to my life after college.  In the next six months I will be backpacking through Europe for nine weeks and traveling to Uganda to work for a nonprofit organization called Hands of Love.  My trip to Europe will be the topic of the majority of the blog posts in the next two months.

I hope to see nine cities in Europe in the nine weeks I am there.  The cities are:










I am not sure what I am going to be doing in those cities.  I am not even sure how much time I will spend in each.  The Eurail Global Pass will be my transportation for the two months leaving me with unlimited travel to almost every part of Europe for sixty days.  Having so many possibilities and having never been to any of these cities I don’t know where exactly I’ll end up, but whatever the case it is going to be a great trip.

Having been packing for the last week and booking hostels, I can tell you that it is almost impossible to plan for a nine week trip.  So I will be making most of my decisions as they come.  I know a few things that I must see, but for the most part I will be winging it.  It will be more interesting that way…


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May 22, 2010 at 11:59 pm

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